Speech by Director-General of Esquire

Greetings …
Dear brothers and sisters ..
Our Company for Engineering Supports ( AL-Obour previously ) is one of the formations of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals approved in accordance with law 38 for the year 2011 .. Is one of the emerging economic formations in the new Iraq which seeks to provide attribution engineering and engineering services to all ministries , companies and state facilities .
Through its divisions as well as effective and the fact that this company is the first company which responsible of the implementation of the national project to address the remnants of Iron ( Scrap ) .
And its divisions as well as through other technical in our factories that work on supporting the national economy through the implementation of all mechanical and electrical works and implementation of service projects and projects where the infrastructure has the capacity and capability and wide in all different areas .
We ask you to be one of our basic building blocks to support the national economy in the
new Iraq .
With appreciation …

Khalid Hashim Zkair
Chairman of the Board
General Manager / Agency